FUSION-DOE is Top 50

FUSION_DOE has been selected for Dentistry Today’s Readers’ Choice Top 50 Technology Products for 2019. 

FUSION5 among Top 100

usion5 has been selected for Dentistry Today’s 33rd Annual Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products

Readers’ Choice Top 50

Nano Freedom LED Light has been selected for Dentistry Today’s Readers’ Choice Top 50 Technology Products of 2017.

Top 50 Technology Award


FUSION5 curing light receives the top 50 technology products award from Dentistry Today reader’s choice.

Top 100 Reader’s Choice

iOCam receives top 100 reader's choice.

Top 25 First Impressions Award

iOCam receives top award.

Top 50 First Impression Products

SafeLoupe Laser Filter Receives top 50 award.

Clinical Evaluations from Dental Product Shopper

DOE SE received Recommended rating for its evaluations by nine independent dentists and hygienists with a total of 237 years of experience in dentistry.

Top 100 of 2012

FUSION 3.0 received top 100 technology product from Dentistry Today.

Reality Four Star

iZoom Loupes received four star rating from Reality.

Nano received Recommended rating from Dental Product Shopper

Nano receives Recommended Product rating from independent clinical evaluations performed by DPS.

"Nano was lightweight and offered a surprising light output.”

The Ratings – Reality Publishing

Nano received 4.4 out of 5 ratings from Reality Publishing (July, 2011) for a four star rating.

"Smallest and lightest control unit/battery pack. Controls are easy to use. Plenty of power for a small light. Two batteries and AC option keep you working without interruption. Audible warning when battery is running low. Filter is easy to remove and install. Relatively inexpensive. "


Five Star Award – Reality’s Choice 2010

FUSION received Reality's Choice 2010.

Dental Product Shopper – Best Product 2008

Using a patent-pending Focused Beam LED Technology, Fusion provides 1500 mW/cm2 of output power.

The key features of the Fusion curing light from DentLight include backlit metal keypad controls, 7-mode digital displays, interchangeable 360° swivel light probe with 10 mm large tip, dual power levels, and the ability to cure all materials. Other unique features include sequential modes for full-arch, 1-click operation; optional tacking tips, lens modules, and caps to cure 3 mm to 13 mm; and the ability to directly mount and charge the light on a dental unit.

TOP 100 Products for 2010

The award-winning and clinically proven FUSION displays an unparalleled, uniform, center-beam profile of more than 2,700 mW/cm2 power with cure depth matching that of plasma light. Its cordless, solid metal design sets it apart from the mass of plastic lights in quality and durability. Laser-sharp focused beam LED technology enables 5-second cures of all composites.