Dr. John Flucke

The Nano Freedom Plus is an excellent headlight.  It is easy to install, the light weighs only 3 grams, and is cordless!  The beam intensity of 40,000 lux provides excellent depth of field without being too bright & causing eye fatigue.  Placing the batteries on the arms of your telescopes helps counter-balance the weight of high mag telescopes.  If you are looking for a headlight, the Nano Freedom Plus should be on your short list to evaluate.

I could not practice without it!

The Nano Freedom Plus is the latest in the Dentlight line of great products to make our practices more profitable.  The touchless system is amazing…I could not practice without it!

Dr. Douglas Lambert, DDS, FACD, FICD, FASD, FASDA, ABAD

Edina, MN

James T Smith Jr DMD, MAGD, FICOI

Since using the DentLight since 2013, I have found it to be very useful and convenient.  It is easy to use for curing, transillumination and exams with tissue fluorescence.  The option which I have found most helpful is the low level Red Healing attachment.   Following a long dental procedure, I simply switch from the curing to the healing attachment, and my patients are pleasantly surprised at the relief they feel in the TMJ area and muscles of mastication. I recommend the DentLight.


James T Smith Jr DMD, MAGD, FICOI

It’s fantastic.

It’s fantastic. Took a little adjustment, 2-3 days if I’m honest, to get it comfortable but I feel no extra weight and it seems quite durable if it’s taken care of. Looks quite smart compared with other wireless batteries on the market too. Can be worn all day without fatigue. Thanks for the great product.

Dr. Vishal Vij

Not being tethered to all the wires.

Not being tethered to all the wires. Easy on/off touch sensors. Batteries are cheap and will last 4 hours continuous. Charging is fast. Adaptable to your existing loupes.

Dr. Douglas Sakurai

No stray wires, no inconvenience, no hassle

Nano Freedom is crammed with innovative technologies. It is bright, light, and feels just right. Best of all – no stray wires, no inconvenience, no hassle.

Dr. George Freedman

Another great innovative product from Dentlight

Wires to the left, wires to the right, wires above and wires below. It seems that in a dental office you can’t escape the wires that power our chairs, handpieces, x-ray sensors, curing lights and loupe lights..or can you? Dentlight has introduced the Nano Freedom LED loupe light that is both wireless and touchless. This is another great innovative product from Dentlight.

Dr. Howard Glazer

One of the best lights on the market.

Get the Fusion. One of the best lights on the market. I bond almost every restoration I do in my office. I refuse to jeopardize the quality of the bond, and thus my restoration and my reputation because I wanted to save a few hundred dollars and bought a cheapo light. The Fusion comes with a 2 mm tacking tip. The wand itself can be detached from the body and you can add other accesories, like a oral cancer detection light.

drstogie, Dentaltown.

Dr. Doug Sakura

Once I bought 1 Fusion light, I bought a 2nd and was very happy.

I used Demetron for years.  Once I bought 1 Fusion light, I bought a 2nd and was very happy.  Demetron lights went into the transillumination mode only, after buying the fusion lights.

austindoc2, Dentaltown

Dr. Michael Foster

Every dentist should be getting it.

This system is relatively inexpensive. Every dentist should be getting it.

Dr. Jeffrey Hoos

Love the fusion lights

Love the fusion lights.  I have 3 of them for the past 2 yrs with no issues what so ever.  Awesome light at a very good price. 

Dr H, Dentaltown

Dr. Marty Jablow

Power and speed. Cure with 4000 mW/cm2. Power, speed, and options make DentLight the perfect choice for curing.

Very nice light, cordless and has never run out of power.

Nearly two years using the Fusion exclusively,  very nice light, cordless and has never run out of power.  High output, large tip, very dependable for me, and quite inexpensive. Excellent sleeves are available and easy to use.

raclro, Dentaltown

Howard Glazer

If you have light sources on both sides, shrinkage is minimized. With DentLight’s dual head, I can simply pop off the single light source on top of the FUSION curing light and snap on this dual head. It is wide enough to accommodate the widest of molars buccally and lingually.

Dr. John Flucke

The DentLight Fusion with dual cure attachment is a definite ‘outside the box’ design. Often, the success or failure of a bonded restoration lies with how well polymerized the material is. Frequently, dentists are curing composites multiple times from multiple angles. By creating a device with two curing heads, DentLight has given the practitioner the ability to cure in two locations at once halving the time needed. Also, the device can easily switch LED arrays for oral cancer screening and transillumination. Having one device with multiple functions makes things much more efficient.

Dr. Paul Feuerstein

The DentLight Fusion has always been an excellent curing light. When we create larger composite restorations, it is often necessary to cure from more than one surface at a time. The new dual-head model allows curing from the buccal and lingual simultaneously.

The Best Light I’ve Ever Used

I strongly recommend the DentLight Fusion. It is by far the best light I’ve ever used. It has a 5 sec cure for most composites, great ergonomics and can be passed like a hand instrument, it’s very durable, I can use it to seat a CEREC / other indirect restorations and tack cure it. I bought one for every operatory. I also use the bar mount charging unit / docking station so that it is always charged. You should be able to buy it from any dealer that you use.

Dr. Scott D. Benjamin

John Flucke’s Dental Technology Blog

I’m a big believer in oral cancer screening.  By examining and finding cancer at its earliest stages, it allows us to give the patient the best chance to beat this disease.  Early on in the development cycle of the Identafi device (way before it was part of DentalEZ) I was tinkering with the device.  Cancer screening is something that every doctor and hygienist should be doing.  Now with the market seeing multiple devices (Dentlight DOE, LED Dental Velscope Vx) and the Identafi, doctors have more choices in reliable devices than at any time in history.

An excellent light

I am happy to say that the FUSION is an excellent light

Dr. David Hornbrook

One of the Best!

From the Clinic Director – Orthodontics, Marquette University – School of Dentistry:

“I must say that FUSION lamp is really, one of the best I’ve ever seen. I have used for almost a year and no problem has ever happened. My cousin also bought the lamp, and he is really happy with it too. DentLight has a great product. Keep doing, and improving what you have.”

Dr. Jose A. Bosio

Favorite Cordless Curing Light

“Fusion curing lights are the best….covered in metal, not some cheap plastic. Fairly inexpensive, too. I must credit Scott Leune (from the “Not your average start-up” thread) for recommending them to me. Thanks, Scott !! ”

Cult45, Dentaltown Message Board

Pleasant and Fast

DOE makes the potentially life-saving examination pleasant and fast.
Dr. George Freedman

So compact and lightweight…

The Fusion is so compact and lightweight, and I have found it to be very well-balanced and comfortable to hold. Its controls are easy to use and see, and its low-profile curing head fits nicely into most areas of the mouth.

With the advent of low polymerization shrinkage resins there is the opportunity for bulk filling, and that requires a powerful light. DentLight’s Fusion Curing light is just such a powerful light that offers two easily toggled power modes

I would recommend the Fusion without reservation to my colleagues who are in the market for a high-power, versatile curing light that is economical and so useful in everyday practice.
Dr. Howard Glazer

As new technologies develop…

I’m sure as new technologies develop, they will be incorporated into this unit.
James Bowers, DDS

Quick to implement…

The product was quick to implement.
Michelle M. Goodrow, RDH

Easy to use on patients

It was easy to use on patients.
Hal Board, DDS

Great all-around light for the dental office

The Fusion Light is one GREAT all-around light for the dental office. You get the benefits of three lights in one! Curing, Transillumination and Oral Cancer Screening. The Curing power is remarkable, the power of the white light attachment for caries and cracked tooth detection is great and the ability to use the DOE attachment for an enhanced oral tissue/cancer screening and evaluation makes this light the complete package!
John Comisi DDS., M.A.G.D.

A “must have” product when doing laser procedures

The SafeLoupe system is a “must have” product when doing laser procedures.
Dr. Howard Glazer

It has been amazing

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your products are.  I purchased the through-the lense loops and nano light.  I do not know what I was waiting for, it has been amazing.  The loopes fit and are adjusted perfectly.  I have been telling all my colleagues about the quality and value of your products.  Thank you

Christina Callaghan, RDH

High Power… Tiny Footprint.

We’ve been impressed with the ease of use and most importantly, the intensity of the light resulting in a superior depth of cure. We’re also impressed with the low profile design that makes it easier to get the light parallel to the curing surface. It has a variety of curing cycles that will meet the needs of any user. The price is also right, giving you great value for the amount of energy it produces. This device comes with my highest rating. Dr. John Flucke

Amazing power for such a small, lightweight unit

Amazing power for such a small, lightweight unit, aluminum cladding sets it apart from the mass of plastic competitors, looks good on the cabinet top, four different colors gives you a decor choice, unusual to have a digital timer and an LCD in a light this size, ability to switch from cordless to corded if necessary, remembers the last setting if you turn it off, no annoying sleep mode, easily removable battery in the event you need to change it, low cost. Ambidextrous timer. Major bang for your buck with this unique light that includes its small size, terrific power, and better buttons in this version.

Dr. Mike Miller

Great addition to our practice

I have been using the Fusion curing light for three years now. It has been great addition to our practice, It has a powerful beam, nicly designed that can access easily all teeth in the mouth.  It’s also well constructed, durable product. I have piece of mind that I am curing well my first increment in a deep box!!! Thank you for a great product.
Amer Abu-Hanna DDS MS

The light guides are excellent for tack and wave cementation of indirects

The dentlight Fusion is a cool little addition to your armormentarium: it is well made and neat looking and its small size allows it to reach difficult to access areas such as distal surfaces of second molars: this is particularly helpful for patients with restricted opening. The light guides are excellent for tack and wave cementation of indirects. I would unhesitatingly recommend this product .
Jason Smithson BDS

The DOE system is a very good way to conduct a fast and non-invasive examination…

Adding to the value of Fusion curing light is the ability to conduct and oral cancer examination that will identify abnormal tissue warranting further investigation. The DOE kit comes with a snap-on head for the Fusion light as well as snap-on filters for your loupes.

I am a firm believer in and advocate for oral cancer prevention through early diagnosis and the DOE system is a very good way to conduct a fast and non-invasive examination of the oral cavity.

Dr. Howard Glazer

Lightweight, powerful, economical, and will adapt to any loupe system…

DentLight has introduced two terrific headlight systems: Nano Loupe Light and the iZoom. The same high quality manufacturing has produced two headlight systems that are lightweight, powerful, economical, and will adapt to any loupe system, headgear, safety shield of normal prescription glasses.

Dr. Howard Glazer

The perfect addition to any magnification system

Nano is “so light, so bright…the perfect addition to any magnification system!”

Dr. Doug Lambert

Lightweight, easily handled, smartly designed instrument

The Fusion Curing Light by Dentlight offers great versatility in a lightweight, easily handled, smartly designed instrument. Not only is it a fast curing light but it comes with a masking shield that reduces the light to a pinpoint for spot curing laminates while placing them if that technique is desired by the clinician.

Dr. Robert Weller

Plenty of power for a small light

Smallest and lightest control unit/battery pack. Controls are easy to use. Plenty of power for a small light. Two batteries and AC option keep you working without interruption. Audible warning when battery is running low. Filter is easy to remove and install. Relatively inexpensive.

Dr. Mike Miller

The ideal combination of size and power in clinical illumination

The Nano Loupe Light is the ideal combination of size and power in clinical illumination.

Dr. George Freedman

Very pleased with its performance and with the increased visibility

Cancer screening is something that every doctor and hygienist should be doing. We have been very pleased with its performance and with the increased visibility it provides. While wearing the magnification and using the filters, tissue exposed to the violet light appears as a greenish color while potential areas of concern show up dark. The contrast is extremely good, which makes the exam process easier to perform.

Dr. John Flucke

Nice and light

It is nice and light.

Wendy Crisafulli, DDS

It is very bright and illuminates well.

It is very bright and illuminates well.

Steven Cajigal, DDS

One of the most powerful and compact curing lights

Dentlight has the Nano LED light at 11 grams ( new model reported to be 6) and 4200 footcandles. Company also has one of the most powerful and compact curing lights (Fusion).

Paul Feuerstein

FUSION Violet Cures Reliance Pro Seal

At this time all LED curing lights will cure all pastes, cements and sealants commercially available regardless of manufacturer. The only exception is the original Pro Seal which has to be cured with either a halogen light, the Vivadent Bluephase 20i or the FUSION Purple LED light.

Fusion light is the light of choice

In my hands the Fusion light is the light of choice compared to the Valo. Thank-you for this simple yet powerful tool.

Dr. Chaim Rosenbaum

The greatest Irradiance at all distances up to 8mm

Four commercial curing lights were used: Demi (Kerr), Bluephase 16i (Ivoclar), Fusion (Dentlight), and Flashlite Magna (Discus). The Fusion delivered the greatest irradiance at all distances up to 8mm.

Richard B. Price


The most versatile on the market…

Fusion light system incorporates: white light – curing light – oral cancer detection light. It is truly the most versatile on the market… The transillumibation differentiates primary and secondary dentin, indispensable as you explore deeper into the root, hopefully avoiding the disappointment of a root ” perforation” and locating the pulp canal to gain access to the canal terminus at the apex.
Dr. James Malooley DDS, MSD

My office highly endorses this product

My staff and I have used the Fusion curing light for several years and are very pleased with its functional design and durability.  Its short curing time, due to a high powered focused beam, ensures complete adhesive set in minimal time that adds to both efficiency and productivity.  My office highly endorses this product.

Dr. Mark S. Geller, DDS, MSD, P.A

High power output

The FUSION’s high power output carries the polymerizing photons further into the composite, making the active working distance longer and allowing deeper bulk curing of the composite restoration. In fact, as composites with ever lower polymerization shrinkage properties are developed, the FUSION curing light may allow single-step bulk curing of these materials (as opposed to the slower,  sequential curing of individual thin layers).

Dr. George Freedman DDS

Really nice light. very durable

The fusion is a really nice light.  very durable.  also has the ability to be upgraded to an oral cancer screen light.  very nice product for the price.

Dr. Richard Rosenblatt

A mighty light punch in a small package

I also reduced the size of the headlight on my loupes with a small LED light from DentLightcalled the Nano loupe light. The light was quite a bit brighter and smaller than my previous model. I have a Fusion LED and a Nano Head Lamp and they both pack a mighty light punch in a small package.

Dr. Marty Jablow

Nano is incredibly light and incredibly bright

Nano is incredibly light and incredibly bright. That’s a combination that makes it intriguing to say the least. It also comes with 2 battery packs that are slim and light, but can power the light for an entire day.

Dr. John Flucke 

Very fast in curing, it really cuts time in half

This unit (FUSION 2008) is very simple to use, both the Dr. and myself can’t say enough good things about this unit- GREAT! … Power enough to get the job done in less time than our current light. … Very fast in curing, it really cuts time in half. … A great space saver. The unit is sleek, we like the nickel finish, classic look. The options are simple to use and the use for veneers for tacking time is wonderful

Blair Keck DDS

FUSION shows the highest power density…

As a result of its low light dispersion, FUSION shows the highest power density at 5-mm tip distance among 22 LED lights and provides more than two times the intensity of many other LED curing lights at 10mm away from the tip.

“A Clinicians Guide to Light Curing”, Academy of Operative Dentistry, Annual Meeting, Feb. 2007.
Dr. Fred A. Rueggeberg

Finest Instrument I Have Used in Years!

“This letter is in reference to the product FUSION hand-held curing light, which is the finest instrument I have used in years. It is small, powerful, easy to use, and has been extremely dependable. Furthermore, it is amazing that such a quality product has been marketed at such an outstanding low price. The other thing that has been remarkable about this light is the depth it will go in the tooth structure. I have found the material harder when set with this light.”
Salt Lake City, Utah, 2006
Stephen M Burton, DDS

Everyone in the office loves them

I have 4 Fusion curing lights now for 4 months. No problems so far, quick cure, cordless LED, very small footprint for the charger, never run out of juice. Everyone in the office loves them.
Dr. Scott Leuene

DentLight is a great addition to our practice!

DentLight is a great addition to our practice. It is affordable and easy to use. Our hygienist appreciates the small size and portability which DentLight offers over our prior LED lights. We highly recommend it.

Harold Schmulenson