AGD Impact, December, 2012

January 14, 2013

I love my soft tissue diode laser (Picasso AMD/Dentsply) and I love my eyes. In order to protect your eyes (and those of your assistant and patient as well) you must wear a filter. That often entails using something over or behind your present loupe system or maybe even buying another set of filtered loupes just for use with laser procedures. DentLight has introduced their clip-on ocular filter called SafeLoupe  that will easily clip on to the most popular brands of loupes such as Designs for Vision, Surgitel and Orascoptic. This wonderful clip-on filter system is light weight, fog resistant and a very affordable quick solution to an everyday problem. Imagine no more heavy sagging loupes, or “trapped” eyelashes, no potential cross contamination from touching the lens or having to remove another type of ocular protection. When using these there is virtually no color distortion and you can continue to use the illuminating device such as their iZoom system, that is attached to your loupes. SafeLoupes are from the same DentLight company that has brought other great products like the Fusion curing light to market at very economical prices and tremendous value for the money. The SafeLoupe system is no exception and is a “must have” product when doing laser procedures.
Dr. Howard Glazer
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