DOE Oral Exam System

June 22, 2011

By Dr. George Freedman

The scientific training of the dental practitioner is focused on diagnostic skill. While the clinical procedures that we perform are highly technical and often demanding, it is the detection of disease and the decision-making that precedes treatment that is truly the hallmark of the profession. Thus, the techniques and devices that assist us in becoming better diagnosticians are always welcome. DentLight has introduced the DOE Oral Exam System that helps dentists and hygienists to identify abnormal tissues that may otherwise escape detection. The dental team is tasked with performing regular cancer screenings for patients, and the DOE makes the potentially life-saving examination pleasant and fast. The small, cordless DOE utilizes high-powered LED illumination with a contrast-switching filter that enhances routine visualization. It looks and feels like a portable curing light, only much more versatile. The unit’s easily interchangeable heads allow for a multiple wavelength intraoral examination with violet and white lights that provide an excellent opportunity for the early and clear differentiation of oral tissues. DOE’s unique collimation provides a uniform beam for superior illumination and excitation of fluorescence. The DOE is compatible with digital cameras to allow a permanent visual record that can assist in monitoring oral changes over the short and long term. The smart, nonmemory, rechargeable battery maintains constant power and has enough charge for 20 patients or more. The DOE uses convenient, integrated loupe filters that can be customized for all major magnification brands. The DOE is a modular light source; it converts instantly to transillumination and curing (with an upgrade) with just a simple head replacement. The DOE is all about early detection and prevention.