Twinhead LED Lighthead

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Product Number: 7810060

Twinhead LED Light Head

Modular light head that is compatible with FUSION 5 Curing Light. Interchanges with the standard curing head. Swivel design enables orientation of curing directions from two small size curing heads. Significant enhancement to curing bulk restorations with minimum stress and improved quality.

Dr. John Flucke

The DentLight Fusion with dual cure attachment is a definite ‘outside the box’ design. Often, the success or failure of a bonded restoration lies with how well polymerized the material is. Frequently, dentists are curing composites multiple times from multiple angles. By creating a device with two curing heads, DentLight has given the practitioner the ability to cure in two locations at once halving the time needed. Also, the device can easily switch LED arrays for oral cancer screening and transillumination. Having one device with multiple functions makes things much more efficient.

Dr. Marty Jablow

Power and speed. Cure with a single head at 4000 mW/cm2, or snap on the dual curing head and make your bulk-fill composite from both sides at 2000 mW/cm2. Power, speed, and options make DentLight the perfect choice for curing.

Dr. Paul Feuerstein

The DentLight Fusion has always been an excellent curing light. When we create larger composite restorations, it is often necessary to cure from more than one surface at a time. The new dual-head model allows curing from the buccal and lingual simultaneously.

Howard Glazer

If you have light sources on both sides, shrinkage is minimized. With DentLight’s dual head, I can simply pop off the single light source on top of the FUSION curing light and snap on this dual head. It is wide enough to accommodate the widest of molars buccally and lingually.