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Product Number: 8600115

It’s all about comfort and style! Wireless = Effortless

Nano Freedom is a patent-pending breakthrough wireless loupe light that integrates a tiny Pico LED lamp and touch-free battery to fit directly on all major loupes and eyewear frames.

The Nano Freedom LED lamp is engineered to be super lightweight with only 3 grams on the nose bridge. The unique touch-free battery design disperses weight evenly across the head with little extra weight on the nose or ear.

Packed with innovative new technologies, the Nano Freedom delivers:

Freedom from the wire headache:

  • Uniform color temperature light using superior optics
  • Focused shadow-free beam of 20000 lux intensity
  • Proximity touch-free sensor  for easy hands-free activation
  • Freedom from the hassle of managing cords and battery packs of the traditional LED lights
  • Optimized beam quality with uniform pattern and skylight color for the most demanding procedures.
  • Lithium ion battery that runs 3+ hours per battery (2 battery per kit)
  • Dual battery recharging time 1 hour. Replacement cost $10/battery.
  • Fit to all major loupes and eye wear frame

Hate your lamp wires tangled up every day and shorted with no advance notice?

Be the first to experience the utmost comfort and style of Nano Freedom!

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Wireless Light Comparisons

Manufacturer DentLight Orascoptic Designs for Vision Denmat
Brand Name Nano Freedom Spark XV1 DayLite Wireless FireFly
Product Image  Nano Freedom orascoptic rudy ttl  spark orascoptic  XV1 wireless  DFV wireless  firefly
Light Intensity  (lux) 20,000 20,000 20,000 29,500 19,500
Weight (grams) Lamp 3 32 12 48.2 51
Battery 30  – 60
Lamp Size (mm) Diameter 16 19 19 21 22
Beam Size (inch@14″) 2.8 2.8 2.8 3 2.3
Flip-up Filter (ease-of-use) X X
Battery 2 2 2 3 2
Battery Run Time/per battery (hours) 3 3 3 2 1.5
Touch Free X X X X
Battery Cost $10 $150 $100 $75 $295
Recharge Time (hrs) 1 2 2 1 1.8
Retail 0.8X X 2X X 0.9X
CDA 2016

Dr. PAUL FEUERSTEIN with DentLight

Another great innovative product from Dentlight

Wires to the left, wires to the right, wires above and wires below. It seems that in a dental office you can’t escape the wires that power our chairs, handpieces, x-ray sensors, curing lights and loupe lights..or can you? Dentlight has introduced the Nano Freedom LED loupe light that is both wireless and touchless. This is another great innovative product from Dentlight.

Dr. Howard Glazer

No stray wires, no inconvenience, no hassle

Nano Freedom is crammed with innovative technologies. It is bright, light, and feels just right. Best of all – no stray wires, no inconvenience, no hassle.

Dr. George Freedman

Not being tethered to all the wires.

Not being tethered to all the wires. Easy on/off touch sensors. Batteries are cheap and will last 4 hours continuous. Charging is fast. Adaptable to your existing loupes.

Dr. Douglas Sakurai

It’s fantastic.

It’s fantastic. Took a little adjustment, 2-3 days if I’m honest, to get it comfortable but I feel no extra weight and it seems quite durable if it’s taken care of. Looks quite smart compared with other wireless batteries on the market too. Can be worn all day without fatigue. Thanks for the great product.

Dr. Vishal Vij

I could not practice without it!

The Nano Freedom Plus is the latest in the Dentlight line of great products to make our practices more profitable.  The touchless system is amazing…I could not practice without it!

Dr. Douglas Lambert, DDS, FACD, FICD, FASD, FASDA, ABAD

Edina, MN

DentLight is launching three new wireless products

Dentlight Launches 3 New Wireless Products – FUSION5 Curing Light, Nano Freedom Headlight and iOcam Loupe Camera

Since 2005, DentLight has been setting new standards in advanced optoelectronic dental devices. The Plano, Texas-based technology innovator is introducing three new products in the CDA meeting at Booth# 1385. These new products will significantly maximize practice efficiency and profitability.

dentistry new journal article picture release1Building on the achievements of its award-winning predecessors using patented optics and optoelectronic design, FUSION5 doubles the curing power while shrinking the access profile by 50 percent. It not only delivers 4,000 milliwatts per square centimeter plasma power for bulk or three-second cure, but also more importantly, further improves the uniformity and dispersion of the fusion optical beam. In addition, it significantly reduces heat generation for the most efficient and quality cure. On top of its ultrafast and reliable curing function, the product can be expanded for caries, canals and oral cancer detection for added profit streams as well.

Dr. Howard Glazer said, “FUSION Curing Light is a 21st century light that is versatile, cost-effective and valuable in everyday practice.”

Dr. John Comisi is sold too. He said that, “The Fusion Light is one GREAT all around light for the dental office. You get the benefits of three lights in one! Curing, transillumination and oral cancer screening. The curing power is remarkable, the power of the white light attachment for caries and cracked tooth detection is great and the ability to use the DOE attachment for an enhanced oral tissue/cancer screening and evaluation makes this light the complete package!”

The company is also pleased to launch Nano Freedom wireless light, which is a patent pending lightweight headlight system that is compatible to most major loupes. The product gives the users the utmost comfort, style and performance. The amount of technology and innovation integrated with the new light are remarkable from the delivery of pure white uniform optical beam, to the integration of LED lamp and wireless battery that add little weight bearing to the eyewear. The light can be touch-free activated and can run all day giving the users complete freedom of movement, while solving everyday headaches of wire tangling and costly service.

Dr. Doug Lambert said, “Nano is so light, so bright … the perfect addition to any magnification system!”

The iOCam camera is a lightweight loupe mounted HD camera that provides recording capability at 1280×720 pixel resolution. The new wireless upgrade enables multidevice live video streaming capability for instant remote monitoring and recording.

Dr. George Freedman said, “The iOCam is the smallest magnified video camera in dentistry. When utilized for patient communication and education, it invariably becomes the catalyst for patient referrals. It is also very useful for consultations with specialists and insurance documentation.”

Combining the three wireless products, dental professionals now can perform their everyday procedures at ease with the best quality and efficiency.

For more information about DentLight’s products, visit or stop by Booth #1385 to take advantage of special show promotion offers of up to 30 percent.

Nano Freedom receives high ranking

Nano Freedom went through clinical evaluations by the Dental Advisor and received 4 star ranking.


  • “The cordless feature is super-convenient.”
  • “I like the freedom to take off my loupes without having to worry about a cord.”
  • “The light fits very easily on my magnified glasses and the clips are easy to install.”
  • “After trying this light, I can’t imagine working without it.”
  • “Adaptable to loupes, lightweight, and no battery issues.”
  • “Easy to switch from one frame to another.”

Readers’ Choice Top 50

Nano Freedom LED Light has been selected for Dentistry Today’s Readers’ Choice Top 50 Technology Products of 2017.

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