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Smallest Headlamp

Nano headlamp is uniquely designed as the smallest and most easy to use loupe/head lamp on the market. Weighing just 6 grams on the lamp and 1.5mm diameter on the lamp cord, it comes with a high power LED, patent-pending optical lens, unique heat sink, industry only super durable Teflon cord, and gold-plated reinforced custom connector for quality, performance and ease of use.

    Nano outputs the most uniform optical intensity in the small headlight category (less than 10 grams) making it possible to power up high magnification loupes (3-4x) with comfortable light levels.
    It uses high quality and high power LED that comes with lifetime warranty.
    It uses the most unique wire and custom connector technology with flexible nano-engineered teflon wire half the size of any other lights making the wire almost invisible. As a result, the wire is much easier to manage and won’t interfere with your hair and glass frames.
    Its ideal combination of heat management, weight and durability have been proven superior in three large group clinical testings including Reality, Dental Product Shopper and an independent research group.
    It is modularly designed for easy service in the case of damaged lamp cord or connector significantly lowering your cost of professional ownership.

The perfect addition to any magnification system

Nano is “so light, so bright…the perfect addition to any magnification system!”

Dr. Doug Lambert

Lightweight, powerful, economical, and will adapt to any loupe system…

DentLight has introduced two terrific headlight systems: Nano Loupe Light and the iZoom. The same high quality manufacturing has produced two headlight systems that are lightweight, powerful, economical, and will adapt to any loupe system, headgear, safety shield of normal prescription glasses.

Dr. Howard Glazer

How long will the wire/connector last?

    Lamp wire and connector are the most stressed component in the headlamp use. Beyond personal care and wire management, the engineering designs of wire and connector are directly tied to the professional lifetime of the product.
    Nano 2S/2C are the fourth generation lights designed by DentLight. Material selection, patent-pending engineering and simplicity are the keys to the product design success. Rather than complicating the design with connection on the lamp side which introduces more failure point, we reduce the stress by shrinking the wire size to 1/4 of normal wire using nano-engineered teflon wire with a patent-pending reinforced connector on the battery side.
    The unique mechanical properties of the teflon materials used in the wire offer ten times the flexural strength as well as impact, cut-through and abrasion resistance than regular PE wires. This enables us to reduce the lamp wire diameter from 3mm to 1.5mm thus shrinking the wire volume to 1/4 of normal wires. The smaller size not only reduces stress but also improves the durability and handling from clinical wear and tear.
    Combined with custom soldered and molded connector with a reinforced jacket, the new generation Nano releases represent the most advanced technology design for professional medical illumination applications making the wire and connector so much easier to use and manage that the wire feels like "invisible" to most users.
    Additionally, the new release kits come with custom protection cord to further extend the lifetime of your lamp in a harsh clinical environment with expected service life 2-3x longer than normal headlamp.
    Furthermore, Nano 2S/2C are designed with modular construction for easy in-house service replacement, which no other manufacturers offer. This will reduce the cost of ownership of the product for a long long time of profit generation in the clinics.

What is a protection cord and why is it needed?

DentLight's headlight all have lifetime warranty on the LEDs built-in the lamp. The lamp cord coming with the light is made with the strongest custom wire and custom reinforced connector. To extend the service time of the lamp cord in a heavy duty professional clinic, we designed and custom made protection cord. As with all lights and battery, the junction from lamp to battery is where the most stress and pressure applied. The lamp can operate directly without protection cord, which is an insurance to the original lamp cord. This will ensure the minimum service charge  and prevent any downtime in case of unintentional damages or failure.

Why do I need a light?

With magnification loupes becoming more of a standard in restorative procedures, there is an ever increasing demand for better oral cavity illumination due to reduced optical aperture from the magnification optics. Overhead operating light and fiber optic headlight have been the standard for normal procedures until the past three years when the advancement of LEDs are starting to replace normal halogen, Xenon and plasma lighting in the same fashion of curing light. LED headlights make it possible to become smaller, brighter, lighter, portable and much more economic in scale of starting and operating a dental office. As a result, they are replacing the traditional fiber optic headlight and overhead operating light as championed by a number of industry leaders. More and more dentists are starting a practice ground up or transforming their offices leveraging on the new LED technology. The ideal combination of a good LED light and appropriate magnification speeds up procedures, improve quality of restorations and helping find canal. Just like the old saying: Seeing is Believing. DentLight offers the best combination of the both world in quality and economy. With the suite of solutions we offer, you can always find the comfort of what you need with the assurances of quality support behind you all the times.

What makes Nano lights the most comfortable lights?

Given that headlights are worn by clinicians all day long, the comfort level directly impacts the practice efficiency. Factors affecting the comfort levels include the weight and size of LED lamp, wire/cord, battery as well as the ease of activating and deactivating the light and composite filter. Additionally, the optical power, color, and beam quality/uniformity will significantly impact the visual comfort and procedure accuracy. Nano lights delivers the ideal combination of weight, size and optical beam. They not only offer the smallest and light weight LED lamps, but most importantly the smallest, lightest and easiest managing wire and battery pack. Combined with the superior quality optical power and beam delivered, users are guaranteed the most comfort and quality of any loupe lights as explained in more technical details in "How is DentLight different from other headlights".

Do I still need to replace light bulb?

Fiber optic headlight uses Xenon or Halogen lamp with lifetimes in the range of 500-1000 hours. DentLight's LED headlights use high quality and high power LED lamp integrated with advanced heat sink and heat protection systems with lifetimes rated above 50,000 hours. Under normal use conditions with good product care, you would need a very long time to replace the lamp. Our warranty covers lifetime use of the lamp for your LED.

Does DentLight’s headlights get hot?

    LED headlights generate light through electrical current. The conversion from electrical power to optical power is close to quantum limit meaning that it is much more efficient than normal light bulb (about 80% energy saving). The part of electricity that did not convert to light dumps into heat sink of the headlight and increases temperatures.
    Every high power headlight will generate some heat and become hot over time. The higher the power, the more heat. Depending on the size of the light, the heat will transfer into local temperatures or hot temperatures. The smaller the light, the hotter it gets with the same amount of electrical driving current and same surface areas.
    DentLight's headlights are designed to optimize the heat transfer at their individual design size and engineering target. There is one main difference between our lights and other competitors lights in that we isolate heat for safe operations.
    The new generation release (8/2015) significantly improved the heat dissipation and management resulting a super cool lamp even at the high power setting that the user will never feel their finger or skin hot burnt upon touching the lamp as is the case with other lights.

How is Dentlight different from other headlights?

    Nano 2S and 2C lights are our fourth generation lights released in 2014 optimized to the engineering extreme of performance and quality. Recent release Nano 2S Touchless in 2015 further extends user interface to a whole different level for the most comfort and safety from contamination perspectives.
    First Nano light is a lot smaller and easier to use than other similar lights on the market. Weighing 6 grams on the lamp and 17 grams total with the cord, it is the lightest and most comfortable loupe light on the market by a huge margin.
weight lights1
    Second, the light intensity and pattern uniformity outperform most of the headlights making the visual acuity of teeth much better. Most other lights have internal pattern structure within the light beam making the intensity pattern uneven and distorting the field of view.
pattern comparison
    Third, Nano battery is designed with a built-in microcontroller to regulate battery, LED power and smart audible/display indications. Most other competitors use low level analog battery with mechanical buttons/turn knobs. The more advanced digital design used in Nano battery makes it not only a lot easier to use and clean but also much more robust and reliable with no moving parts. It also makes it possible to become at least 1/3 smaller but longer running for up to 24 hours. Nano 2S Touchless battery is a whole new level with easy activation of the light through proximity touch sensor even through gowns and gloves using the back of your palm or lower arm.
batter face comaprison Battery Side View Comparisons
    Last, the Nano 2S/2C lights use nano-engineered wire that is less than half of the size of anything out there while having ten times the mechanical flexural strength. The patent-pending wire and wire connection makes your daily routine much more comfortable and user friendly as the light becomes invisible in your practice..
    Dentlight also has the most complete dental headlight offerings of any companies beyond the small light offering of Nano.
    Xtreme delivers medium-to-high end optical power of up to 100,000 lux with uniform and variable beam size adjustment ideal for surgeons, endodontists and professionals who require the most power at even higher magnification.

Will Nano 2S/2C fit on any loupes, glasses or eyewear?

Yes. We offer a suite of five standard mounting adapters and a few more adapters for custom loupes. The adapters suit a broad range of personal preferences including removable and semi-permanent more secure attachment.

How durable are the Nano 2S/2C lights?

    When it comes to engineering design, DentLight is vertically integrated in the design and implementation of all components. We do not cut corners and use cheap components for professional use. We ensure the highest quality and design in our products to their engineering extreme in form-factor, functionality, ease of use and durability on each component of LED, wire/connector, SMT, housing, and battery.
    Headlamp itself consists of LED on its mounting base and optical assembly. Nano headlamp is shock proof in durability.
    Unlike other headlights using off-the-shelf wire and connectors, Nano 2S/2C uses custom nano-engineered wire and patent-pending reinforced connectors unmatched on the market in comfort, strength and quality. We are proud to achieve the engineering feat that our competitors can only look up to.
    Our products have evolved through four generations in 6 years with each one performing better than the previous one while maintaining our pricing throughout the improvements. This is different from other companies who outsource their development or rely on standard off-the-shelf parts that mostly does not meet the harsh clinical environment.
    Furthermore, our modular design makes it easy for our service department to repair any components in the product including replacement of wires, connectors, lenses, and SMT components typically in just a couple of days.
    We pride ourselves in standing behind our products over the past 10 years serving dental professionals to their highest standards.

What are the color temperature and beam size? Can you describe the optical uniformity?

DentLight's headlight is designed to operate at a “Natural
 Light” color temperature of 5500 Kelvin, which simulates the North 
Daylight. Nano 2S and 2C have a focused beam size of 3.0 inches at 14 inch distance. Since men's average oral cavity size is between 2 and 2.4 inches while women's are between 1.8 and 2.2 inches, the optimized beam size will illuminate the full oral cavity at full open position while reducing spill over light to the patient's eye. Our custom optics enables uniform illumination within the field of view of regular loupes unlike most other headlights with uneven patterns with the light beam. This is particularly important in shade matching to ensure the best possible color matching with no visual mistakes.

Wire Routing for Nano

Nano uses custom made special Teflon wire that is not only strong and durable but also easy to maneuver into predetermined shapes to conform to the frame/facial contour. Use spiral Wire Wrap to fix the wire on the frame temple.  Angle set the wire coming out of the LED lamp to comply with the contour of your loupe frame

Use Wire Clip to fix the cord on the scrub collar on the back of your neck. Use of protection cord will help extend the lifetime of your cord as illustrated below. (a) Position Battery Pack with the Battery Pouch/Clip on the waist or belt of your scrub. (b) Always use Protection/Extension Cord when battery is placed in your scrub pocket.
Battery Wire Routing web

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