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Product Number: 8800111

The Only Wireless Loupe Camera!

iOCam Wireless is a lightweight high definition extra oral video/image capture system that provides live video streaming and recording capability at your finger tips through Wifi image streaming to your computer or smart devices. With a resolution of 1280×720 and weighs at just 12 grams, it delivers you the best personal experience for  insurance documentation, patient referrals and social media marketing. With small size and superb resolution, the product embodies some of the most advanced digital imaging technology :

  • The most advanced hi-resolution digital imaging sensor compatible and wireless streaming technology compatible with Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android Operating system
  • Videos and images stored directly on your computer or smart device
  • Distortion free optical magnifications from 2.0, 3.0x and 5x at regular reading distance
  • 5 hours continuous operation with a single battery charge
  • Adjustable focus distance for personal eye sight and procedures
  • Durable metal construction – easy disinfection
  • Optional foot pedal for hands free operation
  • Fit to all major loupes or eyewears with custom loupe and headlight adapters

Kit includes iOCam HD camera, 3.0x optical magnification lens, Wifi Battery kit, your choice of one loupe/eyewear mounting adapter,  imaging software/Apps, and metal case.

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