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Amazing Light for Everyday Practice

FUSION5 is the best curing light for its high performance and dependability:

  • Impressive performance
    • Ultrafast 3 second cures
    • 4000 mW/cm2 uniform intensity across 10mm curing tip
    • Unique, patented optics deliver a laser-like curing beam with minimum dispersion:
      • 2300mW/cm2 at 10mm distance away from the tip
      • quadrupling the power of other lights
  • Distinctive design
    • Ergonomic, intuitive and easy to use.
    • Low profile tip with 90° angle for east access
    • Solid aircraft aluminum construction with drop proof dependability
    • Seamless integration with backlit intuitive LCD interface
    • Superb conversion efficiency with minimum heat generation
    • 360 degree swivel head for easy access to full oral cavity
    • Bonding multiple restorations, crowns/veneers, and brackets in one click.
  • Flexibility at its finest – not just a curing light, but a versatile multi-purpose light with more functions than before:
    • Built-in oral screening program for oral cancer screening
    • Built-in caries detection upgradability

For the most powerful and dependable curing light, FUSION5 is your choice.

Call us today at 800-763-6901 ext 720,  email: sales1@dentlight.com or check with your local distributor

FUSION 5 Specifications

Style Wand
Tip sizes 10mm, 3mm, 9mm, 13mm
Power (mW/cm2) 4000 (± 10%, NIST calibrated spectrometer)
Cure All Materials Yes (with purchase of optional violet light module)
Battery Smart Li-Ion rechargeable with built-in charging/protection electronics. 1-year warranty with typical service life of 5 years. User replaceable.
Run Time (minutes) 70 (plasma-mode);
140 (pulse-mode)
Recharge Time (hrs) 1.5
Weight 3.9oz/110g
Timer options Constant 3 (Plasma), 3, 5, 10, 20, 60 (Pulse)
Curing Time 3 seconds (A3 or lighter shades)
Standard Warranty 2 years (battery 1 year)

FUSION Competitive Comparisons

Comparisons Fusion 5 Demi Ultra Elipar S10 Valo Cordless
(Kerr) (3M Unitek) Ultradent
Light Intensity 4000 (Plasma) 1100 1600 3200 (Xtra Power)
2000 (Pulse) 1400 (High)
1000 (Standard)
focused significantly dispersed dispersed “collimated”
Curing Time (s) 3 20 10 3
Solid Metal Construction X (plastic housing ) X (metal housing + fiber glass)
User Interface LCD backlit/Metal Keypad Push button Push button Push button
Timer 3 (Plasma) 5, 10, 20 5, 10, 15, 20 3 (Xtra Power)
 1, 2, 3, 4 (High)
3, 5, 10, 20, 60 (Pulse) 5, 10, 15, 20 (Standard)
Weight(oz) 3.9 5.7 8.8 7.37
Length (mm) 200 267 270 270
Tip Diameter (mm) 10 8 9 10
Add-on Options X X X
(bulk ceramic, cancer screening)
Price 1x 1.6x 1.7x 1.6x
CDA 2016

FUSION 5 video

Dr. PAUL FEUERSTEIN with DentLight

Dr. George Freedman with DentLight at PDC 2017

Successful Light Curing – Not As Easy As It Looks

July 10, 2013

By Howard E. Strassler, DMD

Despite appearances that all curing lights are adequate, research has demonstrated that not all light-curing devices are equivalent! It involves specific devices and techniques, not all of which are equivalent. I have seen data for the evaluation of more than 145 different models of curing lights from 42 manufacturers. The prices of these lights range from $27-$4,900, with stated irradiance values ranging from 400-5,000 mW/cm2. While irradiance is the most common and easiest technique to measure curing light tip energy,Read more

Curing Lights

Are all curing lights the same?

All lights are not created equal. This is explained in detail in "Light Curing Guidelines for Practitioners" from a group of experts in the field of dental restorations. Lights are different not only from their performances but also their constructions and service supports. The major performance parameters are light intensity, tip size, beam uniformity (homogeneity), wavelengths and beam dispersion. The results can be very different not only short term from sensitivity and bonding failures but also longer term.

How will you compare FUSION to VALO Cordless?

    FUSION and VALO are two of the best brand name curing lights on the market in terms of performance and durability.
    Both lights are made of aircraft aluminum with superior construction for ease of access and drop proof reliability.
    At the curing light tip, VALO has lower power than FUSION 5 and higher power than FUSION 4. At 8 millimeters distance from the light tip, Valo is about 50% less power than FUSION 5.
    FUSION has much better beam uniformity (homogeneity) and ease of use with its smaller weight (~30%) and LCD interface.
    VALO is designed on a uni-body aluminum to achieve the reliability and high power. It uses standard CRA123 rechargeable batteries with exposed counter stand open cradle battery charger. FUSION is designed with a modular aluminum body and shock-absorbing high quality components inside to achieve the reliability, flexibility, ease of use and high optical performance.
    Recurring costs for battery are about the same for FUSION and VALO Cordless:  FUSION's smart battery typically lasts more than 2 years and costs ~ $120 to replace it. VALO's battery warranty is 3 months which extrapolates to replacement cost for 2-years of about $128 (=$16x2x4). The difference is FUSION's smart battery is self-contained without your worry to stock and charge battery manually.
    From an ease of use standpoint, VALO is:
    1. not as easy to access both upper and lower with its fixed body/head.
    2. confusing o determine the power level and time to work with given there are three power levels and 9 timer settings indicated with five LED indicators. It also has a built-in 2 seconds delay in the Xtra Power mode between cures that will slow your speed down 40% demotivating you in using the high power capability.
    3. cumbersome to recharge the battery like a consumer-grade flash light that requires you to unscrew a cap and take out the battery to a charge in a cradle.
    4. worrisome to disinfect and clean exposed charge cradle in a clinical environment.
    1. easy to access both the lower and upper with its 360 degree swivel light head.
    2. easy to use with its lighter and balanced weight. Its advanced LCD and metal keypad intuitively display the power/timer setting and color code its large activation button. Its high power is always available to the user for maximum efficiency.
    3. easy to charge the smart battery with self-contained metal charging stand with back direct plug capability for extended operation. The smart battery is invisible to the user for multiple years.
    4. easy to disinfect and clean the light with everything self-contained without exposed components.
From ROI standpoint, FUSION significantly exceeds that of VALO Cordless. The FUSION kit costs ~30-50% less than VALO Cordless with more offered: three extra tips (tacking, 9 and 13mm), 50 extra barrier sleeves and 9 more months warranty on battery.  More importantly, FUSION offers the upgradability that no other curing lights do including oral cancer screening, caries/canal detection, chair-side bleaching and more for added profit streams.

How can I measure the power of curing light?

Traditionally, curing lights are measured with "calibrated" radiometers on the light intensity or power irradicance in mW/cm2 (milliwatt per square centimeter), meaning the power in mW divided by the area of the light exposure in cm2. The radiometer, however, as "calibrated" as the manufacturers claimed, is not an accurate but a relative measurement instrument. The powers measured from radiometers are the irradiance level at the tip of a curing light, which does not indicate the power level received by composite inside a cavity.  Additionally, readings from radiometers vary significantly from their actual values. For example, a light measured on Kerr LED radiometer for 800 mW/cm2 displays 1066 mW/cm2 on Cure Rite, and 1280 mW/cm2 on Radii Radiometer as demonstrated by BlueLight Analytics, who has developed a highly accurate system called MARC that measures light intensity at all distances based on NIST calibrated spectrometer. FUSION Curing Lights are measured using both common radiometer and a precision NIST calibrated spectrometer system to ensure each production unit meets the criteria in our specifications. Because of the low dispersion from the patented FUSION lens system, you can be assured that FUSION delivers similar energy for both anterior and posterior standard restorations and more energy to bonding brackets than other LED lights on the market.

How much time does it take to cure with FUSION?

Typical curing time is 5 seconds for A3 or lighter shade with 2 mm thickness composite and 4 seconds for metal bracket/3 seconds for ceramic bracket bonding. The table below lists typical curing times for some common composite:
Manufacturer 3M Ivoclar Dentsply Kerr
Resin Brand Filtek Supreme Plus Heliomolar Tetric EvoCeram TPH3 XRV Herculite
Color/Shade A3E C6D A3 A2 A3 DY A3 YB
Cure Times (FUSION 5) 3 9 3 3 3 3 3 3
Cure Times (FUSION 4) 5 15 5 5 5 5 5 5
Cure Times (FUSION S7) 10 30 10 10 10 10 10 10
Please use the CURE TIMES instruction from your Users Manual for further details.

What are the recommeded cleaning procedures?

    a)       FUSION parts are recommended to be cleaned and disinfected with a cleaning solution including Cavicide, Lysol, Isopropyl or Ethyl alcohol. Do not autoclave or ultrasonic.
    b)       Thoroughly wipe clean handpiece, Charging Base and Eyeshield with a soft cloth or tissue damped with the cleaning solution. Do not spray or soak. Disinfecting agents and liquid must not enter any openings on unit in particular Metal keypad.
    c)       Clean curing lens and electrical metal contacts using Q-tips slightly damped (do not soak) with the cleaning solution.
    Safeguard handpiece opening area, metal keypad, charging plug, and lens against liquid and sharp objects as this may cause electrical short-circuit, permanent optical damage or malfunction

I have a FUSION, can I convert to DOE for oral cancer screening?

Yes. With FUSION, you have the options of upgrading to DOE  to perform soft tissue oral exam and oral cancer screening. Simply purchase the FUSION-DOE Starter Kit.

Why is FUSION better than other curing lights?

Every day, more than half of a million white filling restorations are performed using curing lights. Every year, 260 million white fillings are placed. Studies have shown that the average lifetimes of the fillings are only 5.7 years, far from what they should be due to improper cure since every curing light is different in terms of energy dosage they can deliver within a given time, in particular in filling pocket deep from the top surface. Most LED curing lights on the market today have an irradiance (intensity or power density) value below 1000 mW/cm2 while a lot of them significantly overclaim their power using artificially inflated radiometer. FDA guidelines require a minimum of 400 mW/cm2 for proper cure. Curing lights are the second most frequently used dental devices. The cost averages per use of the device is insignificant to the price of the device, which typically ranges from $300 to $1700 with some budget lights sold on the internet (with no regulation controls) going as low as $9. Many studies have shown that the low cost budget curing lights are not worth the investment given the poor performance and quality impacting the quality of a professional practice not to mention the legal liability. High power and rapid curing lights are highly desirable since the composite hardness and curing time are directly tied to the local irradiance. Therefore, uniform and high irradiance level are highly desirable for composite cure. Uncured composite results in tooth sensitivity, microleakage and increased wear of the composite that influence the success rate of a restoration or the result of a bonding failure. Aside from power or energy distribution, curing lights vary significantly in terms of their ergonomics, cordless vs. corded, functionality, wavelength and more importantly their quality and service/support. As the second most used clinical equipment, curing light selection is critical to the daily clinical operation and work flow. It is not worth buying cheap lights with no back up service and no validations of its performance considering the cost of redoing any fillings and brackets far outweighs the cost of the device. Proven clinically and scientifically (see Testimonials and Technology), FUSION is the latest and greatest LED curing light on the market surpassing its predecessors who have earned top ratings and reviews from the most reputable independent evaluations involving more than 60 independent practices and 20 leading opinion leaders. It is small and sleek yet unleashing the most power with lowest dispersion of any curing lights on the market today with its unique laser-sharp focused LED technology that zaps any composites in seconds. FUSION stands out
    FUSION distinguishes itself from the crowd of other dental curing lights as:
  • The most powerful: proven power of 4000 mW/cm2 (FUSION 5) and 2700 mW/cm2 (FUSION 4)
  • Minimum dispersion: power remaining at 2600 mW/cm2 and 1000mW/cm2 at 8mm distance from the light tip while almost all lights are below 400 mW/cm2
  • The most uniform beam pattern to ensure uniform composite hardness and minimum stress
  • Constant intensity throughout the battery running time and life time.
  • The smallest, the most ergonomic and easy to use with its intuitive and advanced interface
  • The most reliable with close to tens years field proven track record based on its solid metal construction with shock and water proof  design
  • The lowest profile light probe with 360 degree easy access
fusion5-low profile
    And above all: it is not just a curing light, but the most advanced light system that delivers upgrade options for more revenue streams:
  • oral exam for early detection of oral cancer
  • super high power transillumination for caries/fracture/canal detection
  • full arch bleaching
  • and more
FUSION is setting a new standard in LED Curing Light and it is the best buy in terms of its combination of performance and cost.

Does FUSION cure all materials?

Yes. FUSION is a handful of LED Curing Lights that cures all materials. It uses a smart patent-pending interchangeable 360 degree swivel LED light head that accommodates standard LED and violet LED enabling it to cure all dental composites.

Does FUSION generate heat?

In general, the higher the intensity of curing light, the more heat it generates. Common test of an LED curing light by pointing it to the finger and feeling how hot it gets from the light tip tells you the power and quality of a light. The higher the optical power, the hotter it is going to feel on your finger from optical absorption of your skin. If it does not feel anything on your finger right away, it is a low power LED light. For example, FUSION 5 at plasma power mode feels hot quicker than at pulse power. There are several techniques to manage heat from high intensity curing lights including FUSION:
  • Use appropriate curing times. Limit the exposure time on a single tooth to below 3 seconds at a time, which has proven to be safe.
  • Do not place light in direct contact with unprotected gingival, oral mucous membrane or skin. Prevent heat accumulation with a rubber dam in place or apply Kool-Dam on the gingiva and surrounding soft tissue prior to curing.
  • Use technique of blowing air from an air syringe on the tooth being restored at the same time the resin is being cured as suggested by Dr. Gordon Christensen.
  • Use technique of placing a wet cotton roll directly on the tooth crown opposite the side of exposure to lesson temperature rise.
  • Use Pulse Power Mode to generate less heat if the users are more comfortable with it.
FUSION uses the most efficient passive cooling technology from aircraft aluminum as heat dissipator for LED. FUSION 5 is the most efficient curing light in that it generates the smallest amount of heat at the same energy than any other lights. It maintains its cool throughout the running times. Since light curing happens in short duration different from constant power sources such as computers, passive cooling without a fan is not only sufficient to ensure optimum performance without the annoying fan noise but also extends product lifetimes as is proven in the field for years. FUSION has a typical continuous run time of several minutes before self thermal protection and shutdown in Plasma Power Mode. Considering the extreme high intensity and perfect beam quality from FUSION light tip, typical composite curing time is just 3-6 seconds. The heat concern should not be an issue in normal clinical use.

Is FUSION cordless and what is the benefit of cordless?

    Thanks to its superior technology and engineering design, FUSION has been independently proven as the smallest high power cordless light achieving performances in power and functionality no other corded or cordless lights can match. It takes the smallest counter space with a counter charger stand. Or it can sit right on your dental unit with optional dental unit charger holder. As powerful as it is, FUSION maintains consistent power through its battery run time.
    Cordless provides freedom of movement in patient treatment: allowing easier access without the cord dangling around and avoiding costly limitations to a single chair with room-to-room or chair-to-chair mobility. With proper design as demonstrated by FUSION, cordless avoids major long term failure in mechanical fatigue breakage from the cord.

James T Smith Jr DMD, MAGD, FICOI

Since using the DentLight since 2013, I have found it to be very useful and convenient.  It is easy to use for curing, transillumination and exams with tissue fluorescence.  The option which I have found most helpful is the low level Red Healing attachment.   Following a long dental procedure, I simply switch from the curing to the healing attachment, and my patients are pleasantly surprised at the relief they feel in the TMJ area and muscles of mastication. I recommend the DentLight.


James T Smith Jr DMD, MAGD, FICOI

Dr. John Flucke

The DentLight Fusion with dual cure attachment is a definite ‘outside the box’ design. Often, the success or failure of a bonded restoration lies with how well polymerized the material is. Frequently, dentists are curing composites multiple times from multiple angles. By creating a device with two curing heads, DentLight has given the practitioner the ability to cure in two locations at once halving the time needed. Also, the device can easily switch LED arrays for oral cancer screening and transillumination. Having one device with multiple functions makes things much more efficient.

Dr. Marty Jablow

Power and speed. Cure with a single head at 4000 mW/cm2, or snap on the dual curing head and make your bulk-fill composite from both sides at 2000 mW/cm2. Power, speed, and options make DentLight the perfect choice for curing.

Dr. Paul Feuerstein

The DentLight Fusion has always been an excellent curing light. When we create larger composite restorations, it is often necessary to cure from more than one surface at a time. The new dual-head model allows curing from the buccal and lingual simultaneously.

FUSION 5 Curing Light

FUSION 5 Curing Light

Plano, Texas – May 12, 2016 – DentLight Inc. announced today  the release of FUSION® 5, the biggest advancement in FUSION history, featuring a 4000 mW/cm2 laser sharp focused curing beam in an all-new, dramatically thin tip design.

fusion 5 feature

Leveraged by its patented optics and modular design, FUSION 5 has upgraded its optoelectronics to increase curing power more than 50% of its predecessors. Additionally, FUSION 5 improves the uniformity and dispersion of the optical beam while significantly reducing heat generation for the most efficient and quality composite cure in as fast as 3 seconds.

The new FUSION features a precision modular body assembly of durable anodized aluminum that conforms seamlessly to an intuitive LCD metal keypad interface. FUSION 5 is engineered to be the thinnest ever, delivering not only the most powerful and uniform optical beam but also a better balanced design that is comfortable to hold, use and clean.

FUSION 5 is the heavy-duty light that clinicians can count on to save curing time, improve quality and cover all composite restoration applications including fillings, sealants, veneers, crowns and adhesives for brackets.

FUSION 5 is not only an ultrafast 3-second curing light but also a multifunctional and versatile light that is easily upgradable for high-power transillumination (caries/fractures/canals), fluorescent imaging (early cancer detection), and photodynamic pain therapy for added profit streams.

About DentLight

DentLight has been designing and manufacturing award-winning dental products in Plano, Texas for the past 11 years.  Our mission is to assist clinicians in delivering better procedural outcomes through superior optics and optoelectronic devices. We do this by providing innovative product designs, particular LED lighting based dental equipment including curing lights, oral exam systems (cancer screening and caries detection), headlights, loupes, video cameras, eye protection, and bleaching lights.

Call 800-763-6901 or visit www.dentlight.com

DentLight is launching three new wireless products

Dentlight Launches 3 New Wireless Products – FUSION5 Curing Light, Nano Freedom Headlight and iOcam Loupe Camera

Since 2005, DentLight has been setting new standards in advanced optoelectronic dental devices. The Plano, Texas-based technology innovator is introducing three new products in the CDA meeting at Booth# 1385. These new products will significantly maximize practice efficiency and profitability.

dentistry new journal article picture release1Building on the achievements of its award-winning predecessors using patented optics and optoelectronic design, FUSION5 doubles the curing power while shrinking the access profile by 50 percent. It not only delivers 4,000 milliwatts per square centimeter plasma power for bulk or three-second cure, but also more importantly, further improves the uniformity and dispersion of the fusion optical beam. In addition, it significantly reduces heat generation for the most efficient and quality cure. On top of its ultrafast and reliable curing function, the product can be expanded for caries, canals and oral cancer detection for added profit streams as well.

Dr. Howard Glazer said, “FUSION Curing Light is a 21st century light that is versatile, cost-effective and valuable in everyday practice.”

Dr. John Comisi is sold too. He said that, “The Fusion Light is one GREAT all around light for the dental office. You get the benefits of three lights in one! Curing, transillumination and oral cancer screening. The curing power is remarkable, the power of the white light attachment for caries and cracked tooth detection is great and the ability to use the DOE attachment for an enhanced oral tissue/cancer screening and evaluation makes this light the complete package!”

The company is also pleased to launch Nano Freedom wireless light, which is a patent pending lightweight headlight system that is compatible to most major loupes. The product gives the users the utmost comfort, style and performance. The amount of technology and innovation integrated with the new light are remarkable from the delivery of pure white uniform optical beam, to the integration of LED lamp and wireless battery that add little weight bearing to the eyewear. The light can be touch-free activated and can run all day giving the users complete freedom of movement, while solving everyday headaches of wire tangling and costly service.

Dr. Doug Lambert said, “Nano is so light, so bright … the perfect addition to any magnification system!”

The iOCam camera is a lightweight loupe mounted HD camera that provides recording capability at 1280×720 pixel resolution. The new wireless upgrade enables multidevice live video streaming capability for instant remote monitoring and recording.

Dr. George Freedman said, “The iOCam is the smallest magnified video camera in dentistry. When utilized for patient communication and education, it invariably becomes the catalyst for patient referrals. It is also very useful for consultations with specialists and insurance documentation.”

Combining the three wireless products, dental professionals now can perform their everyday procedures at ease with the best quality and efficiency.

For more information about DentLight’s products, visit www.dentlight.com or stop by Booth #1385 to take advantage of special show promotion offers of up to 30 percent.

FUSION 5 receives top ratings

FUSION 5 received top ratings from the Dental Advisor.


  • “Great curing light and its low weight is impressive.”
  • “Convenient cordless feature.”
  • “I liked the ability to customize the curing time and curing light intensity.
  • “The shape of the light makes it very easy to use, even interproximally.”
  • “Buy this light!”

Top 50 Technology Award


FUSION5 curing light receives the top 50 technology products award from Dentistry Today reader’s choice.

2017 Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award

Plano, Texas; August 22, 2017 —. DentLight Inc., the dental industry’s leading provider of FUSION5 Curing Light with Twinhead Curing Attachment has been selected as a 2017 recipient of the Cellerant “Best of Class” Technology Award.  Now in its ninth year, The Cellerant “Best of Class” Technology Award is one of the most prestigious dental industry honors recognizing innovation from manufacturers and service providers.  “Being selected as a “Best of Class” winner acknowledges companies that create the innovative dental technologies that will help shape the future of our profession” said Dr. Lou Shuman, Best of Class Founder and Cellerant CEO.


FUSION5 is 3-second high power curing light built with a durable aluminum body, an intuitive LCD interface and a thin 90-degree tip for easy access. It is modular with interchangeable light heads, making it versatile for upgradable functions including twinhead cure and caries or cancer detection


FUSION Twinhead delivers two powerful curing beams from two independent directions at the same time. It can cure from both the buccal and lingual sides simultaneously. The high performance split cure improves the composite bonding to cavity walls to avoid shrinkage related micro-leakage, particularly for bulk cures.


“Best of Class” honorees are chosen by a panel comprised of leading voices in dental technology, who come together each year to discuss, debate and decide what products merit recognition.  “We research the best available technologies for an entire year leading up to the announcement of award winners” said Dr. Marty Jablow. “To be selected as “Best of Class” after all of that scrutiny and deliberation means that our panel is confident in recommending winning technologies to our peers”.


In addition to Dr. Shuman, the 2017 “Best of Class” panel consisted of Dr. John Flucke, Technology Editor for Dental Products Report; Paul Feuerstein, DMD, Technology Editor for Dentistry Today; Marty Jablow, DMD, known as America’s Technology Coach; and Parag Kachalia, DDS, Vice-Chair of Preclinical Education, Research and Technology, University of Pacific School of Dentistry.  “DentLight is extremely honored to be recognized by Cellerant among the Best of Class,” said Dr. Richard Liu, co-founder and president of DentLight. “The award motivates us even more to innovate better products for dentists’ everyday use.”

About DentLight Inc.

DentLight is a unique and emerging dental device company focused in the field of advanced optoelectronic equipment. We design, develop, and manufacture dental operation, detection and treatment devices used in the dental offices. Our mission is to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability of dental practices.


About The Cellerant “Best of Class” Technology Awards


The “Best of Class” Technology awards were launched in 2009 as a new concept to provide an unbiased, non-profit assessment of available technologies in the dental space.  Through print and digital media coverage, the “Best of Class” message reaches the community of 150,000 dentists through multiple touch points—in print and online—educating them about the products. Honoree participation in the “Tech Expo” at the American Dental Association’s Annual Meeting offers face-to-face interaction with the companies as well as technology-centered education provided by members of the panel. Courses at last year’s 2016 meeting sold out. This year’s event will be held Oct. 19-23 in Atlanta, GA.


About Cellerant Consulting Group


Founded and led by CEO Dr. Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS Cellerant provides strategic dental market insights, clinical expertise, implementation resources and support to accelerate growth for client dental companies.  Cellerant services include new concept incubation, clinical product evaluation, product development, continuing education program development and CE sponsorship, strategic branding and marketing, online marketing, lead generation and dental media relations management.  As an orthodontist and former owner of a 10-doctor multi-specialty private group practice Dr. Shuman guides clients to develop offerings that connect with and engage dental customers on a relationship level that provides sustained differentiation.  Cellerant operates under a unique model that merges leading voices in clinical product evaluation and strategic partner companies to provide a menu of services from one easily accessible network.

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