Bleaching Gel – Single Patient

Bleaching Gel-1Contains one of each: double-barrel syringe whitening gel, gingival protection syringe, face mask, patient consent form, IFU, post-whitening care instruction, and bleach guide.

How to use FUSION for full arch bleaching?

FUSION 4 enables the conversion of its basic curing function to full-arch bleaching. Full-arch Bleaching Attachment converts the light into a full–arch bleaching light. Bleaching Upgrade Kit includes the Full-arch Bleaching Attachment, and a universal swivel Flex-arm that holds the Handpiece on the one side and clamps on the other side of the dental chair’s head rest. To operate in Bleaching Mode, press and hold ON/OFF Key for 3 seconds to select Bleaching Mode (15 minute Pulse Power Mode) then press ON/OFF to start.   Bleaching Instruction