iZoom Variable 2.5-3.5

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Product Number: 8500052-2530_C

Variable Flip-up

  • Self adjustable from 2.5x to 3.0x  or 3.0x to 3.5x magnifications
  • Working distance 12-20 inches
  • Frame selection: Rudy-style sports frame ( black or silver colors)
  • Optimum field of view and depth of field

Specifically designed for general dentists, oral surgeons, and endodontists looking for better dentistry techniques.

iZoom Technology

iZoom loupes use custom glass optics for optimized magnification across the field of view and the depth of field. Multiple frames are custom designed for the most comfort to fit on narrow to wide facial profiles. DentLight uses the most advanced lightweight  plastics through injection molding to form the flexible and durable frames.

Which headlight works best for me?

Headlight is a step up from normal lighting solutions in that it offers flexibility and direct line-of-sight illumination with no blind spot. Depending on personal eye sensitivity, each person could be somewhat different in the preference of his/her lighting solution depending on his/her standard eye wear (for e.g., prescription glasses, safety goggle, face shield etc) and magnification loupes (brand names, magnification, optics and frame style). In general , sufficient lighting is required to achieve the detail and clarity in order to better handle operating procedures. DentLight's solutions offer:
  • Nano 2S and 2C for general illumination with magnification
  • Xtreme for oral surgeons, endodontists and high power magnification users who requires more intensity
All of our solutions have the best characteristics in their class in weight, size, digital functions, and a full suite of accessaries that significantly ease the integration and operation of the lights. We offer five mounting adapters that fit on all loupe brands and frames.

Why do I need a light?

With magnification loupes becoming more of a standard in restorative procedures, there is an ever increasing demand for better oral cavity illumination due to reduced optical aperture from the magnification optics. Overhead operating light and fiber optic headlight have been the standard for normal procedures until the past three years when the advancement of LEDs are starting to replace normal halogen, Xenon and plasma lighting in the same fashion of curing light. LED headlights make it possible to become smaller, brighter, lighter, portable and much more economic in scale of starting and operating a dental office. As a result, they are replacing the traditional fiber optic headlight and overhead operating light as championed by a number of industry leaders. More and more dentists are starting a practice ground up or transforming their offices leveraging on the new LED technology. The ideal combination of a good LED light and appropriate magnification speeds up procedures, improve quality of restorations and helping find canal. Just like the old saying: Seeing is Believing. DentLight offers the best combination of the both world in quality and economy. With the suite of solutions we offer, you can always find the comfort of what you need with the assurances of quality support behind you all the times.

Tell me about Dentlight’s loupe?

DentLight’s loupes offer distortion-free magnification between 2x and 4x with standard flip-up design that fits universally, whether it is prescription or non-prescription users. It comes with three style frame selections with the sports-frame being the most popular. The advantages of our loupe are both economic and lightwegit together with its compatibility to all our other products including DOE.

Lightweight, powerful, economical, and will adapt to any loupe system…

DentLight has introduced two terrific headlight systems: Nano Loupe Light and the iZoom. The same high quality manufacturing has produced two headlight systems that are lightweight, powerful, economical, and will adapt to any loupe system, headgear, safety shield of normal prescription glasses.

Dr. Howard Glazer