FUSION Technology

March 1, 2014

FUSION curing light uses patented lens technology enabling the control of LED light pattern into a soliton-like focused beam within a typical composite setting. Intrinsically, LED emits light in a pattern with a divergence of over 120 degrees. The divergence of light significantly weakens the light intensity at the bottom of a box as compared to the top. For  a typical Class II restoration with a depth of 4-6mm, the intensity can drop as much as 80% from the top to bottom layer resulting in less cure, more wear and sensitivity from a completed restoration. Similarly with bonding brackets, which is typically 3-8mm distance away from the light tip. Bracket bonding failures are a direct result of light tolerance over distance and positioning.


FUSION not only provides a uniform light distribution over composite areas but most importantly overcomes the intensity drop over distance. Consistent high power over spatial map and all distances significantly helps clinicians improve restoration quality and tolerance.

FUSION beam pattern

FUSION beam disperson dental

Ref. Richard B. Price; Daniel Labrie; J. Marc Whalen; Christopher M. Felix, “Effect of Distance on Irradiance and Beam Homogeneity from 4 Light-Emitting Diode Curing Units”, J. Can Dent Assoc 2011; 77; b9

FUSION uses the highest end LED with a full wavelength coverage to enable all composite initiators. It is precision crafted with an aircraft aluminum solid body with drop-proof durability.  It sets a precedent with an amazing amount of technology in a remarkably small and sleek design including an amazing LCD in a light this small with backlit metal keypad and raised buttons for easy activation.

FUSION is not only a 5-second high power curing light but also upgradable to perform oral cancer screening and caries detection. It is a complete package for clinicians’ everyday practice!

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