Mounting Tips for: iZoom Headlight

February 22, 2014


Assemble the loupe light to your loupes using one of the interchangeable mounting adapters:

Orascoptic TTL

For Orascoptic TTLs, first take out glue-on logo plate at the center of the frame and mountwith L-adapter and mounting screws to the mounting thread at the center of the frame.

Standard TTL

For standard TTLs (e.g. DFV) or glass frame, mount L-adapter on the Universal Clip-on with the two mounting screws and clip-on the light to the glass frame.

For permanent mount, use Y-adapter to clamp on the frame with its variable height adjustment screw.

Flip-up loupe

For Flip-up loupes (e..g iZoom, Sheervision, Surgitel, PeriOptix), use U-adapter to slide-in the flip-up bar.

For further detailed mounting options to other loupes, contact DentLight for information.