Why is FUSION better than other curing lights?

April 6, 2014

Every day, more than half of a million white filling restorations are performed using curing lights. Every year, 260 million white fillings are placed. Studies have shown that the average lifetimes of the fillings are only 5.7 years, far from what they should be due to improper cure since every curing light is different in terms of energy dosage they can deliver within a given time, in particular in filling pocket deep from the top surface.

Most LED curing lights on the market today have an irradiance (intensity or power density) value below 1000 mW/cm2 while a lot of them significantly overclaim their power using artificially inflated radiometer. FDA guidelines require a minimum of 400 mW/cm2 for proper cure. Curing lights are the second most frequently used dental devices. The cost averages per use of the device is insignificant to the price of the device, which typically ranges from $300 to $1700 with some budget lights sold on the internet (with no regulation controls) going as low as $9. Many studies have shown that the low cost budget curing lights are not worth the investment given the poor performance and quality impacting the quality of a professional practice not to mention the legal liability.

High power and rapid curing lights are highly desirable since the composite hardness and curing time are directly tied to the local irradiance. Therefore, uniform and high irradiance level are highly desirable for composite cure. Uncured composite results in tooth sensitivity, microleakage and increased wear of the composite that influence the success rate of a restoration or the result of a bonding failure.

Aside from power or energy distribution, curing lights vary significantly in terms of their ergonomics, cordless vs. corded, functionality, wavelength and more importantly their quality and service/support.

As the second most used clinical equipment, curing light selection is critical to the daily clinical operation and work flow. It is not worth buying cheap lights with no back up service and no validations of its performance considering the cost of redoing any fillings and brackets far outweighs the cost of the device.

Proven clinically and scientifically (see Testimonials and Technology), FUSION is the latest and greatest LED curing light on the market surpassing its predecessors who have earned top ratings and reviews from the most reputable independent evaluations involving more than 60 independent practices and 20 leading opinion leaders. It is small and sleek yet unleashing the most power with lowest dispersion of any curing lights on the market today with its unique laser-sharp focused LED technology that zaps any composites in seconds.

FUSION stands out

    FUSION distinguishes itself from the crowd of other dental curing lights as:
  • The most powerful: proven power of 4000 mW/cm2 (FUSION 5) and 2700 mW/cm2 (FUSION 4)
  • Minimum dispersion: power remaining at 2600 mW/cm2 and 1000mW/cm2 at 8mm distance from the light tip while almost all lights are below 400 mW/cm2
  • The most uniform beam pattern to ensure uniform composite hardness and minimum stress
  • Constant intensity throughout the battery running time and life time.
  • The smallest, the most ergonomic and easy to use with its intuitive and advanced interface
  • The most reliable with close to tens years field proven track record based on its solid metal construction with shock and water proof  design
  • The lowest profile light probe with 360 degree easy access

fusion5-low profile

    And above all: it is not just a curing light, but the most advanced light system that delivers upgrade options for more revenue streams:

  • oral exam for early detection of oral cancer
  • super high power transillumination for caries/fracture/canal detection
  • full arch bleaching
  • and more

FUSION is setting a new standard in LED Curing Light and it is the best buy in terms of its
combination of performance and cost.

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