Comparisons for: DOE SE Kit

February 22, 2014

Parameter DOE SE Velscope Vx Identifi
Source Wavelength Violet Blue Violet, White, Amber
Source High Power LED Multiple LEDs Low Power LED
Cooling Passive (no fan) Active Fan (noisy) Passive (no fan)
Illumination High and Low.Extra or Intra Oral HighExtra Oral LowIntra Oral
Detection Direct Fluorescence Viewer Direct line of sight Indirect viewing via mirror
Image Quality High High Low
Ambient Room Light On or Off (preferred for better image) Off Off
Working Principles Fluoresence (soft and hard tissue) Fluorescence (soft tissue) Fluorescence and Reflectance (soft tissue)
Weight (grams) 110 430 140
Power Source Rechargeable Li-Ion Rechargeable Li-Ion 2 AA batteries
Battery Run Time (minutes) 40 12 120
Battery Recharging Time 90 minutes 3 hours Replacing upon depletion
Construction 22x195mm solid-metal wand 22mm diameter, 88mm deep, 190mm high.Plastic handpiece 250 mm long (handpiece)
Reliability Proven over 6-years field operation Unknown. Source of failure including rechargeable battery, mechanical moving fan, plastic housing, and charging base. Unknown.
Further Indications for Use Fast  Polymerization (Composite/Bonding Agent/Sealant) and Caries/fracture Detection No No
Upgrade Options Yes from FUSION No No
Documentation Yes with standard, intra oral  or add-on camera Yes with add-on camera Yes with office camera