Mounting Tips for: Nano 2S

February 12, 2014

Assemble the loupe light to your loupes using one of the interchangeable mounting adapters:

  • For flat glass frames and safety goggles, use the standard Universal/L combo adapter to clip on to the frame center.  Route wire by bending the Teflon wire 90 degrees at both the center of the frame and temple/frame junction. Use Wire Wrap to secure wire on the Frame Temple.

  • For 1) Orascoptic Rudy; 2) Zeiss EyeMag pro; 3) Orascoptic Titanium; 4) Surgitel Titanium,  first remove glue-on logo plate at the center of the frame, then screw on L-adapter at the center of the frame.

  • For Flip-up loupes (e.g. iZoom, Sheervision, Surgitel, PeriOptix), use U-adapter and slide to the middle of the flip-up bar.

  • For DFV Yoeman, Nike, Surgitel Oakley and other curved frames, use Y-adapter to mount at the center of the frame with optimized cascading articulating arms.


For further detailed mounting options to other loupes, contact DentLight for information.

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