Beyond Illumination for: iZoom Headlight

February 22, 2014

Composite Removal

The advanced functionality of hot-swappable and variable beam size LED lamp enbles iZoom to deliver flexible add-on options that no other LED lights on the market could deliver. DenLight offers optional patent-poending add-on violet LED lamp with collimated beam delivery that stimulates tooth fluorescence to form high contrast image between composite and teeth. When combined with fluorescence filters on your loupe, your eye automatically has real-time night vision to define margins when you are cleaning an old restoration or remove adhesive excess after bonding bracket. You don’t have to do all the guess work as before. No more worries about cleaning too deep, touching the pulp chamber, and leaving old decays underneeth that will come back haunt you.

Medical Application

iZoom has additional add-on accessories that can convert it into skin pigmentation diagnosis tools at the size of 1/5 to 1/10 of the similar products on the market and a fraction of the cost. Please contact us for further details about this patent-pending innovation.

Clinical Techniques