FUSION Twinhead Curing Light

February 23, 2017

Plano, Texas – Feb. 23, 2017 – DentLight Inc. announced today the release of FUSION® Twinhead in Chicago Midwinter Meeting.


The award-winning FUSION5 curing light delivers 4,000 milliwatts per square centimeter plasma power. It switches its functionality with its patented interchangeable light heads.


FUSION Twinhead is a new small add-on light head that further enhances the curing procedures. The patent-pending Twinhead splits a high-power light into two separate beams that can cure from both the buccal and lingual sides simultaneously. The high performance split cure improves the composite bonding to cavity walls to avoid shrinkage related white line and micro-leakage, particularly for bulk cures. The flexible 360-degree independent swivel design of Twinhead also allows it to cure multiple spots to speed up bonding veneers and brackets.

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