How is SafeLoupe Filter compared with clip-in filters?

January 22, 2012

As an alternative to clip-in laser filter solution, SafeLoupe Filter has many advantages to ease the dental procedures:

Traditional Clip-ins Patent-pending Clip-on
Fit to loupes Fit to loupe inside frame. Difficult and cumbersome. 14 sizes to fit variety of frames. Interfere with protruded lens. Have to bend on most frames Fit to outside of lens barrel with easy Clip on. Three size fit all.
Visible transmission Visible color distortion and low transmission (green, pink, or cyan). Interferes with normal cosmetic procedures No color distortion and high visible wavelength transmission
Comfort level Very uncomfortable on weight and proximity to eyes/face. Very comfortable just like normal loupe wear. Do not feel weight.
Fogging Yes from double layers and closeness to breathing. No
Interruption to normal procedures Yes. Have to deglove and place on filter for laser procedure. Interrupting full cosmetic procedures. No

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