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I could not practice without it!

The Nano Freedom Plus is the latest in the Dentlight line of great products to make our practices more profitable.  The touchless system is amazing…I could not practice without it! Dr. Douglas Lambert, DDS, FACD, FICD, FASD, FASDA, ABAD Edina, MN

Not being tethered to all the wires.

Not being tethered to all the wires. Easy on/off touch sensors. Batteries are cheap and will last 4 hours continuous. Charging is fast. Adaptable to your existing loupes. Dr. Douglas Sakurai

No stray wires, no inconvenience, no hassle

Nano Freedom is crammed with innovative technologies. It is bright, light, and feels just right. Best of all – no stray wires, no inconvenience, no hassle. Dr. George Freedman

Another great innovative product from Dentlight

Wires to the left, wires to the right, wires above and wires below. It seems that in a dental office you can’t escape the wires that power our chairs, handpieces, x-ray sensors, curing lights and loupe lights..or can you? Dentlight has introduced the Nano Freedom LED loupe light that is both wireless and touchless. This is another great innovative product from Dentlight. Dr. Howard Glazer

So compact and lightweight…

The Fusion is so compact and lightweight, and I have found it to be very well-balanced and comfortable to hold. Its controls are easy to use and see, and its low-profile curing head fits nicely into most areas of the mouth. With the advent of low polymerization shrinkage resins there is the opportunity for bulk filling, and that requires a powerful light. DentLight’s Fusion Curing light is just such a powerful light that offers two easily toggled power modes IRead more

Great all-around light for the dental office

The Fusion Light is one GREAT all-around light for the dental office. You get the benefits of three lights in one! Curing, Transillumination and Oral Cancer Screening. The Curing power is remarkable, the power of the white light attachment for caries and cracked tooth detection is great and the ability to use the DOE attachment for an enhanced oral tissue/cancer screening and evaluation makes this light the complete package! John Comisi DDS., M.A.G.D.

A “must have” product when doing laser procedures

The SafeLoupe system is a “must have” product when doing laser procedures. Dr. Howard Glazer

High Power… Tiny Footprint.

For the past 3 months we’ve been working with the Dentlight Fusion curing light. We’ve been impressed with the ease of use and most importantly, the intensity of the light resulting in a superior depth of cure. The Fusion is the highest intensity light that we’ve tested that manages to provide this much power from a battery operated platform. The light routinely has an output of 1500mw/cm2. All of this from a tiny device that is easy to place and easy to use with no AC cord….Read more

Amazing power for such a small, lightweight unit

Amazing power for such a small, lightweight unit, aluminum cladding sets it apart from the mass of plastic competitors, looks good on the cabinet top, four different colors gives you a decor choice, unusual to have a digital timer and an LCD in a light this size, ability to switch from cordless to corded if necessary, remembers the last setting if you turn it off, no annoying sleep mode, easily removable battery in the event you need to change it,Read more

The light guides are excellent for tack and wave cementation of indirects

The dentlight Fusion is a cool little addition to your armormentarium: it is well made and neat looking and its small size allows it to reach difficult to access areas such as distal surfaces of second molars: this is particularly helpful for patients with restricted opening. The light guides are excellent for tack and wave cementation of indirects. I would unhesitatingly recommend this product . Jason Smithson BDS